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Aloha, my new friend. I’m Brian D Ridgway. I’ve written this short text because I want to help you get the most out of your Break Your Self-Help Addiction book and multiply your results faster.

But before we get to that, I want to congratulate you on picking up your copy of my bestselling book. As you’ll soon realize, you just made one the smartest moves of your life . . . And . . .

You Just Got Way More Value Than You’re Probably Aware of

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The techniques and discoveries I describe in this book are the fruit of my 30-plus years of deep inner work . . . and you won’t find anything like it in other self-help books or products.   

These discoveries had saved my life when I was on the verge of committing suicide . . . After spending over $300,000 on different self-help products that didn’t solve my issues.

These same techniques have also helped tens of thousands of people worldwide who went through this book — and I’m receiving their messages and stories almost every day now.

  • I’m receiving messages about people shifting their deep beliefs, finding peace and a new sense of their worthiness . . .
  • About people finally experiencing a big and lasting change in their lives, enhancing their finances, relationships, and health . . .
  • And I’m receiving messages about people breaking free from chronic back pain, fear, anxiety, uncertainty and all those depressing feelings which were ruining their lives . . .

But here’s what fascinates me the most:

Most of these people have done 10 . . . 20 . . . and even 40 years of inner work . . .

And despite all their efforts, they felt “stuck” and couldn’t move forward . . .
until they found this book.

And I believe that soon, I will receive a similar message from you.

Because the content of Break Your Self-Help Addiction changes lives.

So once again, I want to assure you that you’ve made a perfect choice — because there’s a good reason why this book received thousands of testimonials and messages from its readers.

Now I want to show you how you can take it not just one step — but entire light-years further and achieve your deepest, wildest dreams much faster than you dare to imagine.

You Can Achieve Amazing Results Faster

Before we get to that, I’ve got an important question to ask you:

How would you like to finally:

  • Find and experience true love . . .
  • Have excellent health and become thin and energetic . . .
  • Or to let go of anxiety and depression and finally find peace, happiness, and true meaning in life?

All of that with no new teachings, courses, or tools and with no additional effort . . . yet with 100% certainty that you will achieve your breakthroughs?

Let me explain how that’s possible.

Early in 2020, I created a monthly group mentoring program that I called Liberation Conversations with Brian . . .

And because you trusted me by getting Break Your Self-Help Addiction, I want to give you access to this monthly program under some very special conditions that I will explain in a moment.

First, let me show you what this program is all about and what it can give you.

Become Liberated 

In this program, each week I jump on a 1-hour (or longer) video call with the members . . .

To PERSONALLY help them move forward in life.

This means that I will be there for you to track and enhance your experience with Break Your Self-Help Addiction and help you sustain the fantastic results you’ll receive.

  • It also means that you will be able to ask me any questions you want . . .
  • Bring up any issue that you want to deal with . . .
  • Or ask me to help you dissolve the deepest beliefs, emotions, traumas and identities that have been ruining your life since you were a kid . . .

And the best thing is it won’t require ANY additional effort from you.

  • I won’t ask you to read more books . . .
  • I won’t ask you to buy some new coaching program . . .
  • And I won’t ask you to change your daily routine . . .

I went through over 39 years of research and inner work — and I know what works.

And the best possible way I can prove it to you is through hundreds of testimonials, messages and reviews from people thrilled with my work that are all over my website.

But among them all, there’s one short testimonial that tells the whole story.

It’s the one I received from a super-successful man named Mitch Russo — a former President of Tony Robbins’ company called “Business Breakthroughs Intl.”

Let me repeat that — Mitch was the CEO of a company owned by Tony Robbins.

This guy was as close to Tony as a person can get — so when it comes to self-help, he has not only seen it all — but he co-created many of those legendary self-help tools and techniques.

Mitch Russo

And yet, after working with me, he was so impressed that he said:

Brian’s methods are like nothing I have ever seen for getting to the root of life-issues and dissolving them.

I’ve Done the Hard Work For You

I’ve done all the hard work for you — I’ve tested and picked the techniques which then I have proved to work — so all you need to do now is follow my guidance while breathing deep and being present.

That’s the perfect recipe for changing your life faster than you ever thought possible.

Now look, before I created Liberation Conversations, you’d need to invest anywhere from $800 for a 1-hour private session . . . to $24,000 for a 4-day mentoring at my place in Hawaii if you wanted to work with me in person.

But thanks to Liberation Conversations . . .

I can help you with the same power as if you had booked a private session with me . . .
yet for a mere fraction of the price!

The regular price of Liberation Conversations is $176 per month — and honestly, I consider it hands down the best deal on the market.

But for you, I’m prepared to give an even greater, one-off offer to join my monthly group mentoring . . . AT A 50% DISCOUNT!

This means that only today and only on this page, you can join us for just $88 per month!

$88 for a month of weekly sessions — that’s 22 bucks per session . . . which is the bargain of a lifetime when you consider the change it can make in your life!

Better still, this discount applies for as long as you want to stay in this program.

This means that you will always have it for just $88 per month — for as long as you want to continue.

What’s more, there are no timeframes and no obligations. You can join . . . stay for as long as you need . . . and quit whenever you prefer, and no one will ask questions.

And, no matter when you join and for how long — you’ll receive the recordings of all the past sessions — which in and of itself is worth at least a few thousand bucks.

Here’s what others say about this groundbreaking program:

Cheryl Ellerbee

Brain’s work is amazing!

"Liberation Conversations have helped me with issues I didn’t even realize I had. I very rarely catch the live feed but the replays I have watched are invaluable. Brian’s work in any form is amazing!"

Patti Larsen

Patti Larsen

For the first time ever I’m free

“If you’re reading this and have any doubt, I swear I’m just like you. I’ve been down this road, I’m as skeptical (and hopeful) as the next person desperately seeking the answer to a question I wasn’t even asking correctly. For the first time ever, and I don’t say this lightly, I’m free. <3 Thank you, Brian.”

Jennifer Morris

You will get what you want each time

“I can’t recommend working with Brian enough in whatever capacity works for you, you will get exactly what you need each time.”

karen praksti

Karen Praksti

Life-changing information you won’t find anywhere else

“Liberation Conversations with Brian has been a priceless program for me. Brian always over delivers with real life-changing information that you won’t find anywhere else. His teachings are alive and I listen to them over and over with more results each time. This is your chance, grab it. I know you will love him too!”

Tracy Keo

Tracy Keough

1 hour with Brian has changed my marriage

“Prior to finding Brian’s work, my relationship of 22 years hit a crossroad. We had been 2 months into marital counseling with several hours daily doing relationship workbooks and youtube videos. 1 hour replay of Brian’s session made all the difference in my perception of my marriage and the challenges we were facing.“

Now, you have two choices.

You can skip this one-off deal, yet if you will want to join Liberation Conversations later, you will need to pay the full price of $176 monthly.

Or you can accept this one-off offer now, and get full access to this monthly program for just 88 bucks per month — which is exactly half of the regular price.

Now let me ask you this:

  • What if you’ll join us today, and during our upcoming live session, you will share your issues with me . . . and I will help you deal with them, right there and then?
  • What if, thanks to that, your relationships will improve beyond your wildest dreams?
  • What if you will finally experience the warmth of true, unconditional love, spreading through your body, giving you peace, security, and happiness?
  • What if you will finally let go of those harmful habits that destroy your health, make you tired, overweight, and unhappy?
  • What if everything that was hard for you, from that moment on will become as easy as breathing . . . And all those things that kept you stuck for all these years will take care of themselves and dissolve for good?

My work has helped Vee Comstock dissolve her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She was battling with it for over 20 years yet after a single session with me in 2016, she never had another episode again.

Or Kate Potsma. She was struggling with severe back issues and after over 19 years of going from doctor to doctor, from one treatment to another, she nearly lost hope. 

Then she found me, watched just one live session with me . . . and the very same night, for the first time in years, she slept like a baby without taking a single painkiller . . . And her back problems dissolved for good!

I know that if I were you, I would at least try Liberation Conversations for one month because the odds are high that it could bring you a bigger breakthrough than everything you tried before.


So if you want to join Liberation Conversations for $88 per month — just click the button below, and we will automatically upgrade your order.


Remember — there are no obligations — you can stay for as long as you want and quit whenever you want.


Keep in mind that after you close this page, you won’t see it again — and you may never get a chance to join Liberation Conversations at a 50% discount again.

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