The END of Fruitless Self-Help 

This book finishes what self-help has started. It gives you tested and proven tools to create a lasting change in your life. These insights have helped 120,000 from all over the world

Did you know that:

  • All the advice and information you’ve found in personal-development is either incomplete or based on false conclusions. (That’s why it never works as you want) [Entire book].
  • You don’t need any new information to end the ongoing loop of hope->purchase->disappointment and finally achieve the breakthrough in your life. (In fact, you should forget most of what you already know!) [Preface, page XXV].
  • None of the courses on money, business, and success will work for you until you deal with one hidden, core paradigm that blocks all your efforts to become successful. [Page 32].
  • There are magical insights, experiences, and opportunities that are CONSTANTLY showing up in your life, yet there's a psychological mechanism blinding you to the majority of it. (Here’s how to start seeing and using them to get exactly what you want.) [Page 19].

You can find these and even more life-changing insights in the bestselling book Break Your Self-Help Addiction written by Brian D. Ridgway — an international speaker and mentor who used this knowledge to help over 120,000 people from 84 countries.

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Mitch Russo

"Brian’s methods are like nothing I have ever seen for getting to the root of life-issues and dissolving them."

- Mitch Russo, former President and CEO of Tony Robbins’ “Business Breakthroughs Intl.”

What is Break Your Self-Help Addiction All About?

Break Your Self Help Addiction Amazon

I’ve written this book to show you a way out of your self-help addiction. For years, I’ve been buying all the self-help books, courses, and masterminds I could find, in a desperate effort to end my misery. 

In the end, I had spent over $300,000 on all these approaches . . . yet my deep, life-long issues were untouched, and they almost made me kill myself. 

This “near-suicide” experience in 2011 opened up a new path in my life. This was when I realized what I had been missing all of that time — and what was preventing me from achieving my dreams, no matter what I did.

This insight was so powerful, I HAD to share it with others, who just like me, were desperately trying to enhance their lives but felt miserably stuck.

I have boiled down my miraculous experience to 5 simple Keys to Total Personal Freedom that break you free and allow you to finally create the life of your dreams. I describe them in detail in my book, showing you how to use them to your advantage.

If you’re fed up with the personal-development BS and want to step on to a true path to liberation — Break Your Self-Help Addiction is for you. There’s a good reason why with almost zero marketing, it became an overnight #1 bestseller on Amazon with 298 five-star reviews.

This book finishes what self-help has started — it gives you tested and proven tools to create a fast, deep and lasting change in your life. It did for me and 120,000 people from all over the world.

One Short Book Creates Bigger Breakthroughs Than 30+ Years in Self-Help

Dr. Sirena Pellarolo

Dr. Sirena Pellarolo

I was blown away by Brian’s book

“After 30+ years in self-development and following a spiritual path, I was introduced to Brian's work. When I read his book for the first time (I've done 4 readings already), I was blown away. His work is the best that I've experienced.”

Michael Sypsomos

Mike Sypsomos

After 40 years in personal development, I thought I knew it all . . .

After investing over $500K in personal development for over 40 years, I thought I knew it all. Within just a few minutes, Brian helped me re-think everything I do. Amazing!

Obie Warren

Obie Warren

After 40 years in personal development, I thought I knew it all . . .

“After over 30 years of being on the endless roller coaster of self-improvement tapes, books, courses, and continually getting to the "almost" . . . I found Brian and I am so happy I did. Brian leaves no stone unturned, and I have had quite a few breakthroughs from listening to his work.”

Larry Moseley

Larry Moseley

The most amazing thing that ever happened to me

“I first was exposed to Brian D Ridgway’s book, which connected with me. His work was the most amazing thing that ever happened to me in 30 years of self-help journey.”

Doug Abney

Doug Abney

I’ve learned more from Brian in a few days than in 30 years of studying self-help

“After 30 years of studying and applying self-help techniques, I can honestly tell you that most self-help guru's leave stuff out of their teachings (either on purpose or because they really just learned a flawed system themselves) but not Brian. I have learned more from him in a few days than I learned from all those other people combined.”

Misha Ichikawa

Misha Ichikawa

Brian’s the real deal!

“After well over 30 years of self-help books, I stumbled upon Brian and had the most amazing experience and felt so many things. If you’re wondering, “Is this for real?” . . . This is the real deal! Just open your mind.”

Viviane Eeraerts

Viviane Eeraerts

No words to express my gratitude to Brian

“For over 40 years I've been into personal development work, getting out some insights or tools, but never revolutionizing my mindset . . . until when I met Brian. Thanks to the hints and insights that come with the Level 5 course, I get more and more connected with the Source. Day by day, I'm becoming more of who I Am. No words to express my gratitude to Brian.”

Jill Hendrickson

Jill Hendrickson

Brian’s work may be the only one that’s really worth it

“I have been in the personal development arena for 30 years. It has been a painful and frustrating journey that cost me easily over $100,000. If you would do anything to attain your freedom, do yourself a favor and make an exception for Brian’s work, because it may be the only one that's really worth it.”

Here’s What You’ll Discover



How abusive childhood destroyed my adulthood. And how, after 30 years of fruitless self-help journey, I discovered one simple mental shift that forever changed my life. (And how it can change yours, too!)



Why the only key to true liberation is discovering hidden mental programs that are ruling your life . . . And why I call these programs Spells. (You’ll be surprised by how on-target this name is.)



What are Spells, who and how created yours, and how they keep you stuck in all aspects of your life — no matter what you do.



Why nearly everything you know about yourself and the entire world is wrong — and how it makes your life as difficult as it can get. Chapter 4 will give you more insights than everything you’ve learned so far. If you were to read only one chapter — this would be the one.



How to become present and centered in NOW. Lots of books and programs talk about “now”. This chapter shows you exactly how to step effortlessly into it. You’ll discover how to release frozen energy that’s accumulated in your body as a result of past traumas — and gain more vitality, happiness and motivation.



Remember Spells that I mentioned earlier? In this chapter, you’ll discover how you can dissolve your Spells on your own. And once you do it, you will experience an immediate and lasting change in your life. Plus, everything you’ve learned so far will get a new meaning and power.



The only way of focusing on what you want to experience that actually works. This is where you discover that affirmations are often counterproductive — and what to do instead to achieve your dreams.



How to become a Master of Your Life by learning to feel and experience Unconditional Love. It’s far deeper than just saying “I love you” — yet so simple, you will be shocked no one told you about it before.



How to put all the insights from the book into place and use them to gradually improve your life. This is the icing on your “Liberation Cake” — this chapter will deepen your understanding and experience of the unlimited power that we all have.



An incredible story of a woman who followed the insights presented in this book and, in 15 minutes, dissolved the relationship issues that she couldn’t deal with for over 25 years.


Who’s Brian D. Ridgway

I’m not a healer, a teacher, or a guru. I’m just a “reminder”, here to remind you of what you already — and always —  know.

For over 30 years, I was living a hell on Earth. During that time, I invested over $300,000 on different self-help solutions — yet no one and nothing could help me.

It all changed in 2011 when I experienced my moment of awakening. Since then, I became an international speaker and #1 international bestselling author. 

And I’ve helped over 120,000 people from 84 countries — including well-known celebrities and business people — to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Harmful Self-Help Myths Exposed

Did you know that many popular self-help tools and techniques can actually be harmful to you? It’s not that their creators had bad intentions. Rather, it’s because they didn’t grasp and fully experience the true nature of our reality.

In Break Your Self-Help Addiction and a bonus video that comes with the book, I deal with those myths, so you can stop doing things that don’t serve you and focus on what works!

  • The Danger of Meditation 
    One thing about meditation no one told you about may put you in trouble instead of helping you [Page 24].
  • The Law of Attraction Trap
    When trying to attract something brings you opposite outcomes to those you want — and what to do to solve it [Bonus Video].
  • Affirmations help you attract what you want, right? Wrong!
    In many cases, affirmations cause an internal conflict in your mind, making you feel even worse! Here’s what to do instead [Bonus Video].

  • Why raising your vibration is actually lowering your mood
    Stop burying yourself in even deeper misery — watch your bonus video.
  • When fear can become your best friend
    And why you should never avoid it [Page 25].
  • And much more!

More Life-Changing, Actionable Insights You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

  • The one and only cause of pain, frustration, sadness, procrastination, depression, body issues, and all business, money and success limitations . . . and a complete solution on how to dissolve it FOR GOOD [Page 28].
  • A super-simple way to focus your energy on creating what you want — just ask yourself this 7-word question [Page 79]
  • What the 3 geniuses of modern history knew about our reality that most people don’t — and how they used this insight to expand their genius. (And how you can, too!) [Page 41].
  • 5 questions that allow you to gain unshakeable peace of mind in every situation [Page 101].
  • Why setting goals without first getting your mind “on your side” nearly always ends in unfulfilled dreams and frustration [Pages 86-87].
  • “5-L Breathing Technique” that quickly dissolves pain, anxiety, frustration and chronic, unpleasant emotions [Page 68].
  • Think you have a disease? Think twice! [Page 104].
  • The “Reversed Smile” Technique — use it when you want to calm down and find deep peace of mind [Page 71].
  • And much more!

Experience True Liberation That LASTS

What’s unique about my work is that it provides you a lasting change and liberation. This technique is called Spellbreaking. People who have experienced it say they have never seen anything like it. 

What’s best — in my book, I show you how you can master Spellbreaking and create such a change in your life all on your own. To see how powerful this is, check the real stories below. They’re truly mind-blowing. (Even to me!)

No More Back Pain and Severe Scoliosis 

For 22 years, Kate Postma has been suffering from chronic back pain and severe pelvis, spinal disc, and scoliosis issues. She couldn’t walk long distances. She couldn’t run, ride on a bike or exercise.

One evening, she watched one of my Spellbreaking sessions and experienced a dramatic liberation from her pain. For the first time in years, she slept like a baby without swallowing a fistful of painkillers. The very next day, she was pain-free — and many years later, she still is. The pain never came back.

No More Fear

Karen was suffering from a severe fear of “putting herself out there”. She wanted to start putting her info into YouTube videos to share with her audience but was paralyzed by fear.

She then decided to join one of my Spellbreaking sessions and experienced her own breakthrough. 30 days after the session, she emailed me saying that the knot in her stomach that had been there for 30 years was GONE.

Life-long Relationship Issues and Hip Pain = GONE!

Joan Tremblay has been in personal-dev and self-help for over 25 years, yet she struggled with relationship issues and hip pain. After a 15-minute session with me, her issues and pain were gone. 6 months after the session, she reached out to me to confirm that none of her issues came back. 

PTSD Melted Away

In ONE Spellbreak Session, Vee Comstock melted away her Compound PTSD that she was struggling with for 20 years. Since her session with me in 2016, she has never had another episode of it again.

Bonuses Designed to Deepen Your Experience

I give you amazing bonuses which are an integral part of the book. Thanks to them, reading gains a new dimension — it becomes smoother and more insightful.

BONUS 1: Universal Orientation Assessment

A powerful 4-page document that is the foundation of my 1-on-1 mentoring. It helps you take a good look at where you’re standing right now — and where you want to be. With this document in hand, you’ll use the insights from this book to get rid of life-long issues and enhance the areas of life that you’re not happy with.

BONUS 2: Money Spellbreaking Session

A video recording of a powerful session where I break a money Spell for one of the participants. By watching it with full presence, you can experience your own Spellbreak, just as if I was doing it live for you. Costs $800 — you get it for free.

BONUS 3: ’Harmful Self-Help Myths Exposed’ Video

Many popular self-help tools and techniques can do you more harm than good. Watch this bonus video so you know what it is and what to do instead.

BONUS 4: Breath of Light Process

The most powerful guided breathing technique that awakens the universal energy which works at the cellular level to heal and transform your mind and body. Just make yourself comfortable, dim the lights, put your headphones on and experience true bliss.

This breathing technique has helped tens of thousands of people dissolve their deep limiting beliefs . . . And experience the overwhelming love and reconnection with our true source — our unlimited, spiritual self.

And more “surprise bonuses” designed to help you experience the power of this book. You’ll find them in nearly every chapter of your Break Your Self-Help Addiction.

Break Your Self-Help Addiction Now

How much have you spent on self-help so far? I bet at least a few thousand dollars . . . but if you’re like me, I’m quite sure this number is much higher.

Every week, I meet folks who say they’ve spent $10,000 . . . $50,000 . . . $100,000 . . . or even $300,000 and $500,000 on all sorts of personal-development products and yet, they are still struggling with certain aspects of their lives.

Thanks to applying my powerful, liberating techniques, they ALL say they’ve achieved bigger breakthroughs in under 1 hour — than after years of studying personal development.

Break Your Self-Help Addiction I share with you everything I discovered about becoming 100% liberated from anxiety, unhappiness, depression, failures, money struggles, health problems, relationship issues and much more.

I wish someone told me this when I was 18 — because it would have saved me from decades of misery, broken relationships and financial despair.

Today, this book can be yours — and it can totally change the course of your life. It can end your self-help addiction and allow you to create a wonderful life filled with joy, abundance, love and great health!

Over 40 years ago, I’d spend my last dime to get this knowledge.

Yet you don’t have to do it.

I want as many people as possible to get and absorb this book.

That’s why you can get it, along with all the bonuses, for less than 10 bucks!

Think about it — less than 10 bucks for knowledge that people who spent 20 - 30 - 40 years in self-help call groundbreaking . . .

Less than 10 bucks for knowledge that can save you years of misery and tens of thousands of dollars . . .

Less than 10 bucks for knowledge that can finally liberate you from life-long issues and put you on a path to creating an amazing life — in a matter of days!

You simply won’t find anything like that in the entire, booby-trapped self-help industry. 

This is not a self-help book. This is the book that ends the need for it.

So don’t waste your precious time and money on products that don’t work while true liberation is so close!

Click the button below and get your copy of Break Your Self Help Addiction NOW. When you complete the form, we will immediately send you an ebook to your email address.