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Optional Upgrade: Speed Up Your Transformation With An Unprecedented Set of “Audio Powertools”

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Most people who have downloaded the book choose to also get the audio recordings (5 different versions including 3 with powerful brainwave backgrounds).

When you listen to the audio versions, you accelerate the life-changing impact of the book... And get to experience the Oneness, Infinite Possibilities, and Total Freedom faster. 

This is unlike any self-help experience you may have had before. In fact, we almost chose the title “The Last Self Help Book You'll Ever Need”... because it contains the keys to a technology (The Level 5 Paradigm) and integral transformation tools that will allow you to do the truly remarkable… rather than simply “solve your problems” (creating more in the process) you'll dissolve the illusion of any problem that you face now or in the future.

It's true.

As you read the book you are going to experience miraculous information that may totally set your world upside down - in a good way! In the Level 5 paradigm, you’ll discover that you are everything, and one with everything. And when you realize, deep in your bones, that this is true, you awaken to the strange truth that the only thing keeping you locked in a life you don’t want is — YOU! This immediately empowers YOU to change it!

Accelerate Your Results with the Break Your Self-Help Addiction AUDIO EXPERIENCE!

Most people who have downloaded the ebook choose to also get the audio recordings (you'll get 5 different recordings… more on that later)!  Getting the audio versions elevates and accelerates the impact of the activities in the book… getting you experiencing your Oneness, infinite possibilities, and total freedom faster.

What an Incredible Experience, to Follow Along in Print While You Hear the Magic from Brian Himself. 

Listen as his words come to life in this life-transforming audiotrack series. … that's more than just listening along in the author's own words.  

We've used audio technology uniquely designed to give you the deepest and most lasting positive effects with every listen.  Each of these game-changing formats is designed to accelerate your life transformation.

You’ll move from “understanding” your Oneness to “experiencing it”! 

We've used a blend of the most advanced quantum physics and audio technology that will speak to you like no other audiobook ever has.

You can get all FIVE of these life-changing audio versions for a single payment of just

$49.95 $11.11 !

You'll Get 5 Different Versions of Brians Book!

Version One: The Complete Audio Book- Single File

If you're going for a long flight, drive or hike and want to be transformed by the time you reach your destination, this is the audio version for you.  It's the perfect way to experience this transformation. You'll be a different person by the time you arrive at your destination.

Version Two: The Complete Audio Book- By Chapter

Want to hear that chapter again? It's easy to do with the chapter version of the audio.  Simply navigate directly to the chapter you want to hear again with ease. This is the perfect opportunity to review a concept to gain more clarity.  This version is most used by “readers” who prefer to read the book, but choose to hear select pieces in the author's voice.

Here is where things get a lot more magical. 

You'll Get Three Additional “Quantum” Versions of the Course Designed to Enhance Your Memory, Understanding, and Absorption of the Materials.

Version Three: Alpha Version

This audio track is layered with a specially-engineered Alpha Brainwave track in the background.  Listen to this one with earbuds or headphones on so the frequencies can work their magic- literally imprinting the information more deeply into your mind and memories.  The special high-alpha frequency track is great for listening in pieces during your day to supercharge your energy and mental clarity… while helping you master the information.  Many of Brian's clients re-listen to this one for a little each and every morning, because the alpha frequencies help prepare their minds for more effectiveness in all things (work effectiveness, reading comprehension, effortless creativity) throughout the day.

Version Four: Schumann Frequency Version

This audio track contains an additional element- the powerful Schumann Frequency brainwave track.  The Schumann Resonance is an ultra-powerful healing and centering frequency that can help to bring a profound sense of calm and peace, enabling you to absorb the information you're hearing into even deeper levels of your mind and body.  Feeling a little anxious, nervous, or “off”? Try listening to this version for a few minutes and the Schumann frequencies will help remove those hard edges and usher in a peacefulness and openness that you'll have to experience to believe.

Version Five: Delta Version

Just like the alpha version is designed to increase effectiveness during the day that carries through over the course of the day… the Delta version lets you experience the magic at nighttime too. The deep Delta brainwave track lets you listen to this one while falling asleep.  While the delta waves help to lull you into a deep peaceful sleep, allowing your conscious mind to fully rest and relax while your subconscious mind absorbs the lessons in the book.  

Set your audio player to repeat the track on a loop and listen to it all night long for deeper sleep, and an expanded consciousness when you awake.  You will literally wake up a different person than when you went to sleep. This track is so powerful, it's often called the “Crowning Jewel” of the audio experience.

All Five of These Versions are Specially Crafted to Bring the Life-Liberating Magic of the Book All the Way into the Deepest Reaches of your Mind and Body.

The Key to Personal Freedom Lives Within This Audio Series.

Listen, feel, breathe, and experience your way into the life that you have always wanted -- and break your self-help addiction for good.

This set of audio experiences is designed to work synergistically with the book in an unprecedented way. It can literally multiply the already magical effects of the book - boosting your integration of the Level 5 Paradigm, deepening your understanding , and accelerating your process of stepping directly into the body, health, business, wealth, relationships, and life you desire... that Brian not only achieved but also helped create for thousands of people all over the world.

You can get all FIVE of these life-changing audio versions for a single payment of just

$49.95 $11.11 !

What Listeners Are Saying...

  • “Thank you so much, Brian, for these audios.

    I read your book some weeks ago, and couldn’t put it down – but I feel that having the words coming directly from the author helps my understanding of the content. I have used the Delta waves version as I’ve gone to sleep for the past two nights, and have had vivid dreams – some with your voice in them  ❤️”

    Barbara Hatwell

  • “I listened to this last night with delta while I slept.

    I’ve already read the book three times, experiencing many epiphanies and much relief from the spellbreaks, and as I was falling asleep, listening to your voice, Brian, it came alive as never before and I realized that I was absorbing much, much more.”

    Nina D Paola

  • “I read the book but I’m blown away that the audio books are available with difference resonances!

    I’ll go through each one! Thank you for providing that. It’s so much more than reviewing in a new a new unit of time, in a new format, affecting different quadrants of the brain.”

    Justin Donne

  • “I am so grateful for this Brother!

    I use it multiple times a day so I can keep learning and getting where I am loving myself unconditionally more everyday. I especially love the Schumann Frequency Version.”

    Carl DeGennaro

  • "I woke up in a peaceful state this morning.

    Last night I chose to listen to your audiobook that included the delta waves. Holy Cow as I drifted off I felt my own feelings arise as you told your story. I could resonate with each word. I experienced many colors as I drifted off and woke from a restful night of sleep. I woke up in a peaceful state this morning. Thank you Brian for being a beautiful reminder that I am an Infinite Being here to have an experience."

    Elaine Rosales

  • “These audiobooks are a game changer! What a beautiful gift!

    As I began listening to the Schumann Resonance version, tensions in my body dissolved, I felt things shifting, moving, lightening up, expanding. I got it on a much deeper level than when I read the book. I went to sleep with the Delta version last night and Wow! I felt amazing when I woke up this morning. I have been more relaxed and more at peace within myself today. I am extremely grateful and will definitely continue to listen again and again!”

    Christie Appleton

Get all FIVE of these life-changing audio versions now!

$49.95 $11.11 !

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* DISCLAIMER: Results are individual experiences and vary from person to person.