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Coming from an abusive childhood and then living with the outcomes of that on-going pain, the author invested $300,000+, 30+ years and tens of thousands of hours on self-help, personal development and business/money/success courses - as his life grew steadily worse.

Finding himself, homeless, desperate, suicidal and stuck, he experienced an awakening that took him from homeless to living the dream in Hawaii in less than 90 days.

Since that “miracle moment”, he has been able to help thousands around the world to take their first steps into true freedom.

What would it be like to dissolve “the illusion of problems”?
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* “I've been in personal development for over 25 years. I've seen and done it all. Brian's work is the most powerful, easy, fast and deep transformational work I have ever seen. My entire life is better - relationships, money, happiness. Amazing stuff.”

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About Brian D. Ridgway
After an abusive childhood, leading to a disastrous life, Brian dove into self-help and personal development, seeking to make his life “work”.
As program after program failed to deliver the promised “full package” of transformation, Brian became as a self-proclaimed Self-Help Junkie - eventually investing over $300,000 and tens of thousands of hours into his desperate quest for a life that “worked”.
After nearly 30 years of intense research into religious, spiritual, self-help and personal development approaches failed to solve his core issues, he abandoned his skepticism and dove into more “alternative” approaches: energy work, Law of Attraction study and experimentation, belief-elimination, binaural brain-wave entrainment, meditation and “higher” spiritual approaches. His inability to find the transformation he was seeking, and the conflicting information in the self-help work led him to deeper and deeper desperation and depression.
At the end of his rope, homeless and suicidal, in early 2011, he experienced his “Miracle Moment”, and went from the idea of Infinite Possibilities to the experience of Infinite Possibilities. In that awakening moment, he was given the teaching that he calls, “The Level 5 Paradigm”.
Brian teaches the Level 5 Paradigm, taking people directly into the experience of Awakening and Liberation. His process includes what he calls “Spellbreaks”; through which he helps people release any undesired experiences - in any areas of life.
Literal miracles and spontaneous healings are regular occurrences when Brian speaks or works with people - in his programs, workshops and live events with private clients and with his audiences, online and off.
His ability to help people experience instant, deep and lasting breakthroughs is bringing him a rapidly expanding global following.
Brian D. Ridgway is known to his clients as “The Spellbreaker”. Although Brian doesn’t refer to himself in these terms, people who have experienced Brian’s work have referred to him as a Spiritual Teacher and Healer.
A Shaman, Speaker and #1 International Best-Selling Author, Brian helps people, mostly entrepreneurs and change-makers to step out of “the illusion of problems” and into the Conscious Creation of the body, health, business, wealth, relationships, life and world of their dreams.
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