Discover the TRUE Transformational Power of Your Breath
These breathing techniques will empower you to get the most out of the 5-Layer Breath Technique in Chapter 8
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Breathing Video #1: Intro and "The Big Why"
Breathing Video #2: The How
Breathing Video #3: Solving the Biggest Challenge of Conscious Breathing
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“I've been in personal development for over 25 years. I've seen and done it all. Brian's work is the most powerful, easy, fast and deep transformational work I have ever seen. My entire life is better - relationships, money, happiness. Amazing stuff.”

Joan Tremblay
Corporate Coach and Trainer

“Brian’s work is the real deal. He literally transformed my life, my family and my business. Prepare to change your life, health, your relationships, your business and your bank account.”

Jack Humphrey
Author, “Bending the Web” “The Authority Black Book” & Founder of

“I can definitely say that Brian has a real gift, and has the ability to help you get that laser focus. I’d say to work with him before he gets too well known.”

Tom Beal
Chief Inspiration Officer at

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